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Where I occasionally write about topics like .NET, DevOps, Open Source, Azure, etc.

My preferred .NET console stack

There's type of application that has followed me since I learned to code in the mid-'80s, and that's the console application. For years they looked the same a Main(string[] args) and some naive inconsistent command line parser. That gradually improved with the adoption of various OSS helper libraries. In this post, I'll walk through what today is my alternative starting point to dotnet new console, a way that greatly reduces the boilerplate code needed for logging, parsing, and validation of arguments, letting me focus on the problem to solve and not the plumbing.


Introducing Cake Bridge Dependency Injection

A couple of years ago I blogged Dispelling the magic!, a post explaining the internals of the Cake build orchestration tool, with that post as a proof of concept I created Cake.Bridge assembly which provided an easy way from any .NET language get access to Cake abstractions and addins from a single instance static class.


Blog migrated to Statiq

Since 2016 I've been using Medium as my platform of choice, this is not a rage quit from the platform, I'll keep posting on Medium, the difference is that the main source for my posts will be on my own canonical domain, where I've got full access and control over my words.