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Introducing ARI

If you are working with Azure, you might have encountered the challenge of keeping track of all the subscriptions, resource groups, and resources that you have in your tenant. You might also want to document them in a clear and consistent way, for example, for compliance, auditing, or reporting purposes.


Introducing UnpackDacPac

If you work with SQL Server databases, you may have encountered DAC packages, or dacpacs, which are a way of packaging a database's schema and seed data for deployment or migration. Dacpacs are useful for deploying databases to different environments, such as development, testing, or production, but it's tooling comes with some limitations. For example, you cannot easily inspect the contents of a dacpac file without having a running instance of SQL Server.


Introducing BRI

Are you looking for a way to document your Azure Bicep modules in a simple and elegant way? If so, you might want to check out BRI, a .NET tool that I created to help you with that.